Fuck: An Educational Song (Play Along #50)

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I don't know what it is with me and ganking other bands' styles for the PA collab, but this week's sample just shouted Mindless Self Indulgence at me. I scoured the site for something obscene to fit the overall MSI milieu when I came upon Clare's Fuck REC, and decided that I would put a twist on their usual vulgarity.

I re-recorded noiseball's instrumentation so that I could play more easily with the structure, and work the key changes in even more. REmix download includes panned, effected stems (nothing too crazy; EQ and some slight reverb on vox), but dry ones can be available upon request!


I fuckin' love the word fuck

I fuckin' love it a lot

And it's fuckin' here to stay

Whether you fuck it or not

A most wonderful, diverse, clever chameleon of words

Fuck's a noun, an adjective, an expletive, and a verb

It has a myriad functions; it's a vocabulary bruncheon

Explanatory, profanitory, fuck packs a punch in

It conveys so many meanings that no other word can

It's a shame that fuck continues to be banned by the Man

I can say:

"Fuck you!"

"This is fucked!"

"Quit fuckin' around

And check out those cute motherfuckin' ducks on the ground!"

"Give a fuck!"

"Have a fuck!"

"Fuck a dog a bone!"

What's great about fuck is that it stands a-fuckin'-lone

You may hear this and think that it's totally fuckin' worthless

But it's really to give fuck an educational purpose

See, I can't comprehend the offense that it causes

'Cos as far as words go, fuck is a fuckin' colossus

Fuck you

Fuck your mom

Fuck the censors

Fuck this song

Created: Oct 04, 2015

Tags: rap, punk, captclare, stems in remix download, lyrics, noiseball, english language, fuck, song, electronic, rock, msi, mindless self indulgence, remix, play along collab, drum and bass

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