Madame Ballofur the Purrpet

By jenyffer.maria

Madame Ballofur, (omg, get it? ahaha!)
Edit: February 10, 2010 - So this little feline finally gets her prissy moment! Originally Lawrie had asked me to doodle a kitty for Morgan but recalling from the Morgan debut (, it was Destiny that had a cat. Unnamed, I began to doodle. When I was done and I began to upload I thought hmmm, let me take a stab at naming this cat. So I tried to "think like Sarah" luckily I was in her head long enough to think up something that till this day blows my mind because it's so clever (I get excited because I don't think I'm clever at all so this is an accomplishment for me. lol) I added the Madame because... well, look at that cat!

Madame Ballofur the Purrpet

Created: Dec 30, 2009

Tags: meow

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