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For the past year or so, people from all over the world have been contributing their impossible dreams to hitRECord. Our worldwide community of artists has been rallying around those people and encouraging them to pursue those dreams. And now, we’ve made three different videos about three of these dreamers. This is the first one. It’s based on Scorch’s impossible dream of becoming a mom.


This “Impossible Dream" collaboration was inspired by a movie I’m in called “The Walk,” coming to theaters on September 30th. It’s a true story about Philippe Petit. His impossible dream was to hang a high wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center and walk across it. And, in 1974, with the help of his co-conspirators, he achieved this dream.


Philippe Petit couldn’t have fulfilled his dream all by himself, and as you’ll see in our three “Impossible Dream" short films, the support and encouragement of other people can help to make the impossible possible.


Thanks again <3


Created: Sep 17, 2015

Tags: scorch, becoming a mom, short film, the walk, impossible dream

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