The REGULARITY #32 08/29/10

By The Regularity

Well the next 'SUMMER IN THE CITY' show is tomorrow night!
VIDEO EDITORS! Check out the collaboration Glitch 'Live Acts' Video. haus_of_glitch came through like a champ with multiple remixes of our 'Live Acts' submissions. We're gonna play "LiveActs Upbeat Version 2.0" at the show tomorrow. So let's collaborate to make a rough edit of visuals for this track to project along with it tomorrow night. Then we can refine it and make it perfect in the future.

We're still refining our results with the Row/Alice/Dream collab and RE: Cities, keep up the great work you all have done so far.

Also, Looks like we have so many great tiny stories coming in that I am hoping to print a completely new book of them for this weeks show.

Alright, again we will be streaming and RECording all the way through the show tomorrow. "Keeping the RECord spinning" as they say.

thanks again

Final Cut Pro by Dr. Gory

The REGULARITY #32 08/29/10

Created: Aug 29, 2010


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