By AmandaRachel32

1919 Hemphill is a self-sufficient music venue run by young anarchists. They've got a library and a lounge downstairs, but upstairs is where the local rockin happens. I think my favorite thing about it, though, is the ever-changing back wall. There's always a new mural.
Anyway... It's one thing to take pictures of bands and musicians that are performing. But I like spotlighting the other people. It's easy to connect with a performer. You get to watch them freely without that self-conscious feeling of being watched yourself. You can familiarize yourself with performers. But it's the people who aren't performing - at the moment - who remain infinitely interesting. As long as they're strangers, all we have is appearance. They could be anybody. But they're right next to you.


Created: Dec 30, 2009

Tags: 1919 hemphill, texas, band, fort worth, venue

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