The REGULARITY (#7) 12-28-2009

By The Regularity

new version 4 coming in "about a week". ~~ Morgan M. Morgansen ~~ Sundance

Firstly, I can't remember which RECord I resourced at 4:54 for that "SUNDANCE 2010" on the computer screen. I apologize, can someone remind me?

Yes, it's going to be about a week, and then v4, the new website, will be launched and liv!! Ahh, we've been working on this for such a long time, I can't wait for you guys to see it. It's gonna make our collaborative creative process so much more effective and fun.

Morgan M. Morgansen, the collaboration continues. Lots of great contributions. Discussing color schemes. Drawings, videos, dancing, birds, photos. Still lots to be done, what do you want to throw in?

Obviously, there's lots of collaborations revolving around our upcoming stint at SUNDANCE. But I hereby want to start one to make a 5-10 minute video about Sundance itself. Most of this video will probably be RECorded during Sundance. But we might as well start now. There's lots of Sundance stuff from last year that we can begin to remix. I'd also love to see what you guys might RECord regarding Sundance. What does it mean to you? When did you hear about it? What are some of your favorite films that have come out of Sundance? Etc...

The REGULARITY (#7) 12-28-2009

Created: Dec 29, 2009

Tags: sundance, morgan m. morgansen, v4

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