New Year's Eve

By StephenGerard

A gift to my fellow HitRECorders to say thank you for letting me share in this very cool community.

There are a lot of songs about Christmas and the winter wonderland, in general, but I don't know many songs that celebrate the coming of the New Year. Auld Lang Syne is a great song, and probably the only New Year's song that readily comes to mind. I wrote this a few years ago on New Year's Eve. It's a short tune, simple and optimistic. It could use an acoustic guitar overdub, but I'm not much of a guitar player.

Anyway, Happy New Year, friends.


I feel it coming and it's almost here

It's bringing something that's fresh and clear

A new beginning for the brand new year

It's a bright new day

Makes me want to say

Happy New Day

Looks like the rain has done it's job

It brought a doorway to this tired old mob

If you want to come in, just turn the nob

Open a new reprieve 

Today we don't have to grieve

Happy New Year's Eve

Now the movement is a picture of birth

Make it improve, don't let it get worse

For just one minute let's make peace on Earth

Let go of your fears

Tell me, brother, did you hear?

It's a Happy New Year

A Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It's a Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year

New Year's Eve

Created: Dec 28, 2009

Tags: thank you, music, lyrics

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