To Twelve Year Old Lindsey

By lindseyd

A letter to my previous self for mushr's collab!

This is kind of cheesy. I'm not sure if I'm 100% happy with it but here goes, haha.


Dear Lindsey,
This is Lindsey, in the future, six years older than you are now. You currently live in Kentucky, and are in the seventh grade. You will move very soon, as you always do. Back to Michigan this time. Say goodbye to Ashlee and Ariel when you leave. You wont want to, because you'll be too sad, but you will feel guilty for many years if you don't.
This isn't the last time that you will move, but you will eventually tire of it, and when you do, move in to dad's house. Don't give in when mom tries to convince you otherwise, because it will be the best decision that you have ever made.
Take as many photos as you can with Alberto. You don't know who he is yet, but he is a wonderful camera, and he will leave your life abruptly. Don't take him and your talent for granted like I did. If you do, it will be your only regret.
What I'm going to tell you next is probably the most important thing that you'll ever hear from any future version of yourself. Do not let small failures crush your spirit. You have talent and you have potential, and you will realize that eventually, but you can't lose your motivation in the mean time.
You will have bad days.
You will suffer from heartbreak.
You will lose friends.
You will be angry, and you will be sad.
But in the end, it will be worth it. You'll end up in a good place, happy. You will end up doing what you're meant to do. Write as much as you can. Take as many photos as you can. Draw as much as you can, no matter how terrible we both know you are at it. Take every opportunity that is given to you. Don't let your social anxiety and fear get in your way.
This is my advice to you, twelve year old Lindsey.
As your six-years-older self, I believe in you.
Eighteen year old Lindsey.

To Twelve Year Old Lindsey

Created: Dec 28, 2009

Tags: collaboration, letter to self

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