Fallen by the Wayside: Chapter 3

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the third chapter in the fallen by the wayside collaboration.

Fallen by the Wayside: Chapter 3

Fade in:

Ext. A Mountain. Day
Sam is a scruffy gentlemen in a hoodie and jeans. He has a backpack
and a walking stick in toe. He is hiking up the mountain with an
intense look on his face. He wanders for a bit past boulders and
broken down cars. He crosses a small creek and sits on a rock on the
other side. He pulls out a sandwich and takes a bite. His phone rings.
He answers it.

Hello./ I'm on an adventure in to the unknown, what are you doing?/
Work is for the saps who are too afraid to live./ why are you calling
me?/ i'm beyond these types of things now, besides i'm broke./livin./
Afternoon to you ma'am.

He closes his phone. A crashing noise is heard in the distance. Sam
looks around for the sound. He sees nothing. He puts his sandwich away
and grabs his bag and walking stick. He starts to walk away when the
phone rings again. He angrilly answers it.

Hello! /You have the wrong number.

Sam closes his phone.

I have to get rid of this phone if i'm ever going to truly be alive.

He turns around slams his phone onto the rock he was sitting on the
phone breaks in to a million pieces. The crashing noise his heard
again. He looks around again. Nothing. He wanders up the hill a ways.
As he passes a collection of bushes he stops as he sees a man sitting
on a rock with a mandolin. The stranger plays the mandolin. Sam edges
towards him. The stranger doesn't make eye contact with Sam.


The Stranger
Hello, Samuel.

How did you know my name?

The Stranger
I want to tell you a story, Samuel, about a boy lost in these woods
some years ago. He was running away from sumthin. He didn't know what,
but he knew he had to get as far away from it as he could. He made
down by old Shawnee Crick where met a man dressed all in black. He
asked the man who he was and the man replied " i am the devil, son."
The boy was scared and asked "what do you want from me you old devil?"
The devil said to the boy "i want nothing now, but in a few years you
will return to these woods and then i will take you with me." The boy
ran away in a fright, vowing that he'd never return to these woods, so
the devil could never get him.

The Stranger stops playing.

Why did you tell me this story?

The Stranger
Because that boy was you, Samuel. And i am the devil. And now that
you've returned, i shall keep my promise.

The Stranger looks away and starts to play again. Sam stands staring
at the stranger.

Fade out:

Created: Dec 28, 2009


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