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By ivegotstoriestotell

I watched rain fall on the city and thought of romance. What is it about raindrops and headlights and bridges and moving trains that does that? Is it because everyone is drifting back to where their heart is? Be it their bed or another person. Is it because everyone on the train is focused on where they're going or their book or their music or their thoughts that the last thing on their mind is that they could meet someone that could change their life? Or maybe it’s just that the faded sky and bright lights illuminating the raindrops that looked pretty. And pretty things can make my heart swell like the idea of love or a handsome face. Maybe it wasn’t about romance at all. Maybe it was about finding beauty in something I don’t like. Or it might be because of the waiting. Waiting on the platform. Waiting for the train to hurry to the bus stop. Waiting for the bus stop to hurry to the campus. I’m waiting on God for someone. Not proactively, but patiently. I usually put those thoughts out of my mind, but sometimes they demand my attention. And sometimes I feed them and end up a little more hungry than I anticipated. 


Created: Sep 02, 2015

Tags: waiting, random thoughts, rain, writing, metro, love, trains, traveling, in between moments txt, prose, in-between moments, in between moments, romance, request, thoughts, in between moments collab, in-between moments collab

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