Vivid Dreams...

By jvenne7

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes... When You're Fast Asleep

It was a cold winter's day when I decided to sneak into the local movie theatre. Little did I know there were no movies playing, only live plays. Except they were live plays of current movies played by the actors.
I was caught sneaking into a theatre by a 400lb wrestler so he told me I would have to wrestle him on stage in front of an audience. I was terrified but quickly ran backstage to prepare.
I then found myself a nervous wreck standing in front of my long lost lover. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I know, I'm a dork, shut up). He threatened to beat up the wrestler for me but I assured him I had to face my consequences. We were torn by the fact that I was a fan and he a "celebrity" (I remember doing the air quotes) I also vaguely remember speaking french. I speak it fluently but I just can't remember.
So I then went to my grandmother's to do my makeup. I wanted everyone to see my eyes from the crowd. Then I faced the guy sumo style and I woke up.

Vivid Dreams...

Created: Dec 27, 2009

Tags: french, joseph, fan, gordon, dream, dork, levitt

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