Horrible Jokes.

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"It's not a joke if you had to explain it to me!"

Here are some things that I had to unravel before laughing at them when I looked back at the things that I recorded.

doesn't anybody realize that we're adorning hair growing out of our EYES?
squash has not developed my reflexes.

Ahm sew angry ahm sew angrrrryryyyy can we have that little v8 clone person smack the fuck out of the people who attend the shenzhen zoo?

liberation comes sunday... the most timely way...

oh no i'm a yesman

tanks for the suggest from stemming achs I am tying it, it seams to help.

something is having a rag in my attic. in my room. or i'm hallucinating.

HOLY CATHOLIC SCHOOL (holey swiss)!!! james hetfield and sebastian bach with alice in chains I LURVE

SOL--Section of English as a second language

yardsalestuff waiting to be pooped out of the house. food hitting the bottom of my stomach. calculus too. i'm just ready to poop knowledge

Created: Dec 27, 2009


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