Waxing Rhapsodic

By RichieMillennium

A few things happened yesterday that converged in a way to make me step back and remember again how far hitRECord has come over the years. I've been a witness to a decent amount of the history, so it can be overwhelming to drift between the present-day grandeur to memories from 6 years back: the "v3" days, when we had version 3 of the web site and were merely poised for big changes to come. The things that happened yesterday included:



The kind of collaboration that happens here all of the time now was something we all had to learn. In one of Joe's first Regularity videos he talked about how the Sundance poster collaboration came about. When they first had the idea to create some posters for our first production for Sundance 2010, Marke initially thought he would have to take on that work by himself. The more it was discussed they finally realized "You know who would be really good at this? Everybody!" We know now that this is how it's done here, but it was a revelation at the time - a real landmark moment for hitRECord. The Emmy notes of recognition remind me of that, and the note of introduction to the Netflix crew reminds me of that.


So yeah, yesterday was kinda special, and this is still a special place. It's the only place I can go to say, "we would like to remind you at this time to please turn on all RECording devices", and people think that I've said something worthwhile, even exciting. When I say it at my local coffee shop I just get the polite this-coot-has-lost-his-marbles smile from the barista. When I say it at the used bookstore I get aggressively shushed. When I say it in the movie theater they just flat-out disagree. Not so here. Here I say it, and you never seem to tire of it, and I get paid to boot. What a world, what a world.


Waxing Rhapsodic

Created: Aug 20, 2015

Tags: all together now, regulardad, waxing rhapsodic, metaphorest, emmy, v3, buttercup, emmy note, netflix crew

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