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I added percussion to metaphorest's song

As soon as I played this song, I started clapping and adding general hand percussion - something my brother and I both have this habit of doing with any music we hear. I was surprised to see that no one had yet added anything to this adorable song. The time to hesitate is through!

I wanted to add more (tried jingling my keys, kazoo, triangle, etc), but I decided to leave that to other hitRECorders. I tried to add some additional harmony to the end bit as well, but my voice is shot at the moment and it wasn't blending well with Metaphorest's liquid warblings. Someone else should give it a shot!

Let me know if you want to remix this and would like the isolated percussion track.

Created: Dec 22, 2009

Tags: percussion, acoustic, hand percussion, guitar, song, metaphorest

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