The Great Lick

By MetristAdrift

Thursday was reaching its end on the Moon, which was quite fortuitous because it had been a long Thursday, even by Moon standards. Murray the Mooncat reached his paws out and arched his back slowly. He’d just finished a wondrous nap and, though he was part of a species that did little but menace and sleep, this nap was particularly special in its coupling with a dream. The corners of his mouth drew up as he recalled the images and sounds. Surely, with a smile that wide and populated by that many teeth, any Moonrat within 2 craters distance would have shivered right out of their pelts.

Dreaming was one of the most treasured events in Mooncat society, occurring once every moon-month or so if the feline was lucky. That may not seem like much on Earth, but a moon-month was particularly long. Murray had gone 2 without a dream – It was torturous! This dream had more than made up for the emptiness though, by being filled with color and music. Music! Murray first heard music from a Spacesparrow that landed outside his den. The whistling was so wonderful that Murray allowed it to fly away, instead of devouring the delectable treat as he’d originally planned. In exchange for his kindness, the Spacesparrow told Murray about music and flew off into the Big Black.

All this remembering had Murray very sleepy. This, however, was no time for sleep. Thursday ends were revered in Mooncat society as The Great Lick. Every Mooncat would gather in the Great Crater and begin the day long process of cleaning itself. No one ever missed The Great Lick. Ever. Murray’s mother once told him about a Moonkitten who’d missed The Great Lick, but before she could explain what had become of him she found herself consumed with nervous purring. His mother was the most menacing, non-nervous purr-er Murray had ever known so to see her in that state was proof enough that he should always keep his Thursday ends awake.

Murray began his trip lazily, stopping every 10 paces for a yawn and a stretch. As he came within a craters distance he spotted Murray, Murray and Melvin in the distance. It is worth noting that all Mooncats are named either Murray or Melvin, with this particular generation consisting more of the former. He sprinted in their direction. As he approached, they gave a menacing stare, arched their backs and hissed – standard Mooncat greeting. He returned the pleasantries and joined them for a relatively silent walk to the Great Crater. His mind, however, was awash with music.

The Great Lick

Created: Dec 22, 2009


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