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live action layer

Joe and I got together a few days ago to get theatrical with Metaphorest's tall tantalizing tale. We wanted to make a spine for the short film we're all making that could pull together everyone's contributions. Not only the original text, but everyone else's drawings, animations, music and various Morgansen oriented records were so inspiring we had to try them on ourselves.

Jen, thanks for drawing such a cute bow and fabulashes!!!

This is simply a base layer - there's lots more work to be done!!!

The walls are for painting!

We need:
- a foodpenguin
- a table
- wax sticks
- other diners?
- herbivorous options
- a bunny baby
- du vin
- a moon
- some starsss
- what else?

Some of these things have already been RECorded to great effect and just need to be REmixed in. We could also use other RECords on hitRECord that might not have been intended for this collaboration, but will work anyway. Some things we'll just have to make starting now...

Lula et RegularJOE

Created: Dec 21, 2009

Tags: date, personette, destiny, clowns, love, vegetarian, animal, paintyhands, moustache, kisses, puppycat, morgan m. morgansen, Bunny Baby

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