Departures (Song w/ Iluminar's Lyrics)

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BEHOLD: Dom & Il's Epic Songbaby Number Two!! 


Once again I was inspired by Il-matic's words to record a song. I wanted to bare the vulnerability of certain parts, and give others their grandiose due. As I worked on it, I realized that it was reminiscent of a few songs from my first full-length, so it was neat to revisit that mindset/guitar tuning.


FUN FACT: As a musical metaphor, the two sax tracks respectively go up and down scales to create paths that go opposite ways but never quite seem to meet up on the same spot. Hooray pretentiousness!!


LYRICS (REmixed slightly for lyrical flow)

When we were kids, we used to say

If we could leave this town, then we'd be on our way

Flights of fancy in cloudless skies

Dreams of getting on, and not just getting by

You sold your gear and packed a bag

You're sailing jetstreams while my engines lag

The note you left said you couldn't wait

You're headed for the air; I'm ground-delayed


Now you're gone (chasing the sunrise)

Tired of the shadows, catching bright lights

I fall behind (and spend all my nights)

Chasing you...always chasing you


Living off coffee and booze

Scared to make the leap; much more scared to lose

I called in all favors that I could scrounge

And bought my ticket sunny westward-bound

Leaving early, arriving late

Layovers in four goddamn states

Three days in transit, and dreams tinged blue

From departure screens, and missing you


Thought I'd caught up the other day

At a canyon house west of LA

The landlord already changed the locks

Said that all you left was an old shoebox

Full of letters that I sent

The only words I ever truly meant

Paper moons and the stars, they won't stay lit

You're still the sun, but I'm falling out of orbit



Stems only available by request 'cos it'll take me a damn while to get them all together.


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Highfives and fistbumps, pahtna!! =)

Created: Jul 21, 2015

Tags: synthesizer, iluminar, departures, musical metaphors, acoustic guitar, remix, song, singer/songwriter, unrequited love, bass, saxophone, vocals

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