Neon Gurl (REmix Song)

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Inspired by xRae's footage, I whipped up some indiepoppy lyrics to DN0619's ridiculously fantastic instrumental (including a subconscious reference to "We Have Captured The Stars" - cited!) and laid down some vocals that started out Grizzly Bear-ish, but turned more Psychedelic Furs.


This was kind of a lark, but I do think it has further collab potential. For example, we could get lots more vocals to round out the ending (further harmonies, canons, etc.), instrument solos to fill in the vocal gaps, and EVEN MORE ELECTRONICS. We could also shoot more videos in the style of Rebecca's to make a full music vid!



Neon gurl

Heaven sent to me a neon gurl

She’s captured stars from all the distant worlds

She’ll dance and spin them all around


I don’t know

How I was the one that Heaven chose

To bathe in all her cosmic rainbows

But now I can not feel the ground


By surprise

She took my hand, and she became my guide

To a place that’s filled with whirling lights

Even when I close my eyes


Neon gurl

Heaven sent to me a neon gurl

She puts to shame the diamonds and the pearls

When she goes dancing in the streams


I don’t know

Don’t know which part of me was first to go

And get ensnared in her hypnotic glow

But I’ll forever chase the beams


It’s no disguise

She’s as real as any lullaby

I see her framed by all the whirling lights

Even when I close my eyes


I’m in love with a neon gurl



REmix download includes both dry, unpanned vocal stems as well as wet, finished ones. Also included is my edit of the instrumental. Enjoy!!

Created: Jul 14, 2015

Tags: electropop, song, neon gurl, remix, indie rock, we have captured the stars, dn0619, stems, rebeccaxrae

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