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We've Gotta HitRECord (Theme)

By NeenaB18




We've always been

Behind the screen

Watching the news

Getting the feed

We never had

A way to speak

We played along Followed the lead

Oooh we've got to HitRECord to keep fire alive

Oooh we've got to hit record to make our voices rise


tinderlocks Bobbie C Robo_J MattConley

Exofer JerzyJung trehouston Poeticon

Dryniceguy andyramone

SethBang TheLastDomino

RegularJoe Ashes2Ashes

Nick De Augustine donvalix

BEATZ_BY_B-DON luxireally

WunderBoy joerud Dr. Gory

KamPAIGN Kubi Wirrow jeffpeff

spaceship saintmaker theboxsets

Jen Gerdano Traeidein Kernie

Shawnelliot and Pamagotchi

Screw the path of least resistance

Hit Record the world will listen.

We've Gotta HitRECord (Theme)

Created: Jul 12, 2015

Tags: we've gotta hitrecord, hit record, hit record theme song, remix, harmonies, theme song, neenab18, vocals, madonna, robo j, vogue

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