The Gardens

By doorstopper


A song remix of the bittersweet poem The Gardens by Carli Ihde and a rearranging of Sam's I love him  :)



We dug two gardens, you and I

When our love was strong and summer high.

We pulled the weeds, and threw the stones

We planted seeds, deeply sewn.


One day it stormed, and I came home

Just to find, I was alone.

As sure as one day, here with me

the next, to plant a higher tree.



So I asked you what I should do,

for next to mine, your garden grew

So proud and green, and innocent lay

Echoing tales of yesterday.


Verse 2

You told me then, "Just, let it die,

burn it down, or pick it dry.

My cares live in another town

Not our backyard, underground"


Oh my heart, so full and deep

my arms still hold you in my sleep

So I nurture it, as will my own

Like our gardens, my love still grows.


I love you...every day of the week

I need're the air i breathe

I love desire runs deep

I need us to be

The Gardens

Created: Jul 05, 2015

Tags: the gardens, doorstop, song, remix

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