By jeffpeff

A little piece of orphaned music I just wrote

Here's just a little something. After many years of being a dedicated, earnest musician and RECordist, as the technology has finally hit the size vs. power sweet spot, I've finally bought a portable rig for music and sound merrymaking (ie a laptop with a host of recording and instrument software)...Something I can take with me anywhere I go to make sounds or RECord them, with the same level of control I have in my 'proper' studio. Pretty exciting, to have the whole world as a potential perch for making audio RECords.

So this is the first little piece I came up with. It's kinda dirge-y, a little melancholy. I named it 'Edgar', because it sounds like an 'Edgar' to me. Maybe someone has something to marry it to? Picture, lyrics, or music?


Created: Dec 18, 2009

Tags: music, piano, slow, voice

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