By clairejane22

she. simple. he. love.

fairly lightly.

he exclaimed.
and then the leaves rose.
and fall fell.
and then she screamed.
love never leaves even as fall descends.

and he was in the honda. and around the corner. with the tail pipe saying fuck you.
she stood in hysterics.
grounded insane as the neighbors put it.

how could they know. when she heard the gossip as it rounded back. they have separate beds. the neighbors. in separate rooms. the women chatting did not know that she was the insane one. she had on a cream sweater from ralph lauren one chatty exclaimed after she intervened. well maybe she bought it second hand another kathy spelled.
and she left the coffee shop. with her heart barely there. wrapping her hands inside the neutral sweaters cuffs.
it is almost winter. i think numb could be best. after all this pain is never gone.

she got word that he had moved on. and found out her name. he was in arizona. where winter never buds. her face was pristine. she googled her. seems her was now he/his. she stepped northern star light.crisp air.cut her mouth as she whimpered his name.

i lay on the blacktop driveway.
in the nite.
to be held.


Created: Dec 18, 2009

Tags: he, she, simple, love

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