What is Time? audio

By dali

Got caught up in jenyffer.maria's collaborative RECording:
What is Time?
nicoleyoleypoley wrote/contributed:
Time is just a quantification
of the lines that dig into our hands and faces.
A record of the smiles and the sighs,
the sound of your laugh or the tears in your eyes;
The counting of nights or the passing of days,
the fleeting moments trapped in a gaze.
Whether it rules, guides, or moves along forgotten,
time is of the essence until you learn to stop it.

Made me want to sing and while such an activity is typically reserved for audiences of only damp plasticized curtains, metallic watering spouts, and cloudy mirrors, I wanted to try my hand at some new audio software, as a total newbie. Apologies in advance for potential cacophony that I perhaps may have become immune to. Find relief in that it is indeed self-limiting. ; )

What is Time? audio

Created: Dec 17, 2009

Tags: time, song

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