Paradoxical Mind

By Sunshine

Paradoxical Mind

Sometimes the mind has two ways about it, creating a paradox...

My mind stares into the distance
Suspended thought hangs in wait

A dark and barren desert land below me
A tangerine sky filled with dark grey ashen clouds above me

I lift my hand in front of my face
As I begin to open my eyes and glance at my hand

I realize my hand and my whole body are completely transparent, motionless

As I focus towards the sky an illuminating tear begins to form
Miniature blue glowing wisp like creatures emerge out from within the tear

My heart begins to quicken mouth dry and in complete dissolution

Sharp piercing light embracing me with in it begins to swallowing me whole
I am gone...

Paradoxical Mind

Created: Dec 17, 2009

Tags: Paradoxical, mind

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