My Unknown Wonder

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My Unknown Wonder

My eyes are closed, darkness surrounds me. As i listen out the silence is deafening. Sweat drips down my cold and prickly skin. When I try to listen deeper all i can hear is my racing thudding heart, beating methodically against my chest.

I reach out my arms and spread my fingers with hope and warmth, I can feel nothing... Slowly i open my eyes with great caution and curiosity. My pupils begin to focus and i begin to make out dappled light, shapes and colours.

Eventually a defined image forms before me. It's a tree, suspended in an immense sky dripping with iridescent stars.

Breath is sucked out of my lungs due to the trees beauty, but a great sadness washes over me. I notice that large portions of the tree are dead and dying.

Murmuring the words slowly,
take.... me.... instead...., instead...., take.... me.... instead.

My heart begins to break as i know deep inside i would give my life for the tree of life, but would it be enough?

Created: Dec 17, 2009

Tags: unknown, wonder

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