Mass Disconnection

By Sunshine

Mass Disconnection

Just some of my thoughts on the current state of our society...

Opening your eyes with hesitation. Jam in your coffee IV, so that you can think less and work more. That's it adorn your little generic uniform and march off to your little concrete box. Mentally suffocate yourself and sell off your life to doing something you don't have a passion for so that you can buy more stuff that you don't even want or need.

Consumerism is a sickness a mental sickness. We have voluntarily disowned ourselves from our very own humanity and humility. We have been brain washed and funnelled highly addictive and seriously harmful substances in order to aid in self destruction and self hate, it's all a part of the mass disconnection.

We are encouraged to have a mindset of low self love for ourselves and to feel a low or no amount of love towards others. It's a mindset that is wanted it's much easier to start wars to plunder other countries and mass murder the people for power and economic gain this way.

We do not question what is in the products that we buy, where did they come from or even what is in them blind consumerism is also a sickness a mental sickness.

Animals, traditional tribes and our planet suffer to give us our products that we convince ourselves that we need to remedy our self destructive distorted mind sets and body images. Animals are brutalized and put through immense torture for the next "Fabulous hair styling product"

There is beauty and love in this world but it is fading away more and more every day, we are all part of each other, we must start loving ourselves so that we can start loving each other again...

Mass Disconnection

Created: Dec 17, 2009

Tags: mass, disconnection

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