Filipino greetings - by hand

By ara

killing two collabs with one RECord

HitRecord is really international with all these languages popping up, eh? Pretty cool. :D Well, I figured I'd upload one in my native language (Filipino) even though it was done by mushr and xxew already. (Another one can't hurt, right? :D)

I apologize for my voice being so loud here. I didn't mean to. I was playing it back in my camera and I thought it was too soft so I rerecorded then when I checked it on my computer, it was too loud. Whoops. (And, can I just say, I really would like to overlay some music on this, because I dislike the sound of my voice - but I figured this would make a better resource)

"Saying hello in Filipino - Kamusta!
Saying thank you in Filipino - Salamat.
Again by heart."

Just a little trivia for you: It's not actually "Ka Musta" and "Sa Lamat" it's just one word for both. (Had to write it like that 'cause my tiny hands can't fit the whole words) But abbreviations for "hello" and "thank you" are "musta" and "lamat" respectively. :D

Filipino greetings - by hand

Created: Dec 17, 2009


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