Daniel Charms The Domino - 05. Sevens

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track 5/5 from the What Doesn't Kill Us Will Keep Trying EP (a HITRECORD original)

DanielReames: music

TheSerpentTheCharmer: words

TheLastDomino: vocals, arrangement, further production, mixing, and REmixing



Drag the vault from out of the lake

A bloodless, gutless treasure made fake

Spin the wheel, ear to the hatch

Do you hear it beat, do you hear it retch?

Safecracker, mouth the beat of the clicks as they pass

(By the sevens it will come)

Seven chemists writhe in their last ammonia breath

(And by sevens we’re undone)

Seven seasons underwater and still there's no death

Seven daughters whisper at the gallows

Seven secrets told in hate that flounder at the shallows

Push the vault back in, leave the shore barren

Dump the oil in the lake, shoot every cursed heron

Learn enough about the world, and you will come to see

All the devils and all the monsters; they bear the same name

And it’s another name for me

Seven sons always smiling, cut from ear to ear

Seven potter's hands caught deep within the gears

Seven vagrants stirring behind the burning stake

Seven harlots burning, dropping coins in ashes raked

Only in sevens

Seven fathers condemning daughters for their ways

Seven mothers crying for youth lost before its days

Seven gods muttering, drunk on their masters’ wine

Seven sinners crucified on a cross of railroad tines

Seven machines whirring to define the end with time

Seven poets going mad when couplets refuse to rhyme

Seven clouds leaking until plains begin to flood

Seven sacrifices made with the sorrow in our blood

Seven times I've realized how the heart and soul will part

Seven witches took my love, and made death as modern art


01. Lost Boy, Stay Lost

02. The White Sheet

03. To Be Survived By Anyone, Pt. I

04. To Be Survived By Anyone, Pt. II

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Stems available upon request, but it'll take me a good while to put it all together.

Created: Jun 05, 2015

Tags: thelastdomino, melodic hardcore, theserpentthecharmer, remix, danielreames, song, sevens, what doesn't kill us, metalcore, daniel charms the domino, dctd

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