Daniel Charms The Domino - 04. To Be Survived By Anyone, Pt. II

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track 4/5 from the What Doesn't Kill Us Will Keep Trying EP (a HITRECORD original)

DanielReames: music

TheSerpentTheCharmer: words

TheLastDomino: vocals, arrangement, further production, mixing, and REmixing



I am the spirit of all that is coming to pass

But at such a speed, we know it won't ever last

Touch the space just below my throat

And find any rhythm worth repeating

Is it worth repeating?

As soon as we close our eyes, we fall apart

As if there was nothing left to revive

Until we're fit to rebel against the weight

And lift this horrible world from off our shoulders

I am no Atlas, yet my spine continues to hold

There just has to be more than this

A better way to command the tide

Pull the smoke of our terrors through feathers

Is it worth repeating?

I need to find the man that I was meant to be

So I can leave this husk behind

And bring a restoration to this tattered kingdom

That has become my body

A wearying row I've continually fought

A dreamcatcher strung, a dream now caught

On a piano made of forgotten bone

The nightmares will win if we can't play them off


01. Lost Boy, Stay Lost

02. The White Sheet

03. To Be Survived By Anyone, Pt. I

05. Sevens

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Stems available upon request, but it'll take me a good while to put it all together.

Created: Jun 04, 2015

Tags: daniel charms the domino, what doesn't kill us, song, metalcore, melodic hardcore, remix, survived by, death, danielreames, theserpentthecharmer, thelastdomino, dctd, metal

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