Daniel Charms The Domino - 03. To Be Survived By Anyone, Pt. I

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track 3/5 from the What Doesn't Kill Us Will Keep Trying EP (a HITRECORD original)

DanielReames: music

TheSerpentTheCharmer: words

TheLastDomino: vocals, arrangement, further production, mixing, and REmixing



Tender moments don't ever last, even when we wish they would. They are made in error by beliefs that flee as fast as they arrived; building upon the moments that were wasted before them. And the greatest story ever told is one that has no ending, but we ended ours a long time ago.

In hours that never saw the sun for what it was. In minutes before we leashed the light to the back of our necks and burnt the illness straight from our skin. Like kerosene made into transfused blood, everything inside me is on fire; crushing the aggregate from the shells of lesser creatures to create colors not found in flowers. We're too far chemical to ever be considered human again.

It's shoulder blades. It's the white dust at the corners of your dehydrated mouth. It's men made to think we were better under papal prophets. We're ten thousand years of liars condensed into the gemini pair of closed mouths led down the path that ends in the inferno. It's how your fingers bend. It's the way light refracts through stagnant water. It's the algae we inhaled while we convinced ourselves we were beautiful. It's death.

I've tainted the veins that run through me like rivers until the tips of my fingers turn black with tropic rot. Never to be saved by herons or heirlooms, by family, by thought. We drag ourselves from the beds we made to keep us safe, into a space where only the dead should lay. But each morning, we see fire in the sky as it returns from the other side, and for a moment, it's easy to believe this is how we are supposed to be.

It's the lie that runs within the oils of our skin, hiding just beneath the colored iris of your eyes. Like a thief who never stole a day in his life, I am useless to the forces I've sought to despise. The enemy of my enemy is the love of my life. It's the water we pulled from the desert; it's the river grown wide.

Castrated the sound of my own heart leaking. A bastard form wasted, a drowned man left sleeping. I don't want to be survived by anyone.

I want the lights to go out.

I want the door to close. 


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Stems available upon request, but it'll take me a good while to put it all together.

Created: Jun 03, 2015

Tags: theserpentthecharmer, remix, interlude, poem, thelastdomino, what doesn't kill us, danielreames, death, spoken word, music, dctd, song, survived by, daniel charms the domino

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