Daniel Charms The Domino - 02. The White Sheet

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track 2/5 from the What Doesn't Kill Us Will Keep Trying EP (a HITRECORD original)

DanielReames: music

TheSerpentTheCharmer: words

TheLastDomino: vocals, arrangement, further production, mixing, and REmixing



I don't remember much of you anymore

Except for the white sheet they laid you under

On a road unkempt by the hands of man

And I understand you're gone for good

I've filled the space where you stood

It hurts more now to forget than it ever did

When I actively tried to remember

All I see is the camera panning over the street

The red spreading on the white sheet

That's all I know of you

It's been so long

A bracelet of mine still sits by your grave

Though the metal has rusted, the leather decayed

I left the crest of the lion six feet above

So that you were guarded by its pride

Goodbye, my friend

There was no Adam, and there is no Eve

It's just been so long

Is it too much to ask for a decade to pass

Without the passing of so many memories?

The white sheet cloudens to beige

Goodbye, my friend

The whiskey doesn't help

But the revery makes me free

A brother, a ghost, for so many years

The forgetting is fine by me

I may not remember

I have no garden to tend

But I'll find you in the summer


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Stems available upon request, but it'll take me a good while to put it all together.

Created: Jun 02, 2015

Tags: metalcore, daniel charms the domino, what doesn't kill us, dctd, melodic hardcore, danielreames, song, thelastdomino, death, metal, white sheet, theserpentthecharmer, remix, music

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