Daniel Charms The Domino - 01. Lost Boy, Stay Lost

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track 1/5 from the What Doesn't Kill Us Will Keep Trying EP (a HITRECORD original)

DanielReames: music

TheSerpentTheCharmer: words

TheLastDomino: vocals, arrangement, further production, mixing, and REmixing



I've died in ways I can't remember

Ten thousand deaths since mid-September

Familiar is the hangman's laugh

And forever I'll wear a bruised autograph

Give me one last time, and forever I'll rest

The public execution is when I'm at my best

I'm born of ignorance

I'm lost but I can not commit

Lost boy, keep running, keep lying

There are wolves in the woods

And no one believes you

What doesn’t kill us will keep trying

Never rest, never sleep

And they'll never have a clue

Just stay lost

I am cutting off my hair

And I'm laughing at my reflection

Leveraging my tongue until I can eat something

That means absolutely nothing

Rest before we meet our end on the highway

Guzzling prescription disconnections

And singing fucking anything

Stand tall and disappear

Shove this icepick through both ears

It's a perfect life when you want to be dead


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05. Sevens

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Stems available upon request, but it'll take me a good while to put it all together.

Created: Jun 01, 2015

Tags: dctd, stay lost, daniel charms the domino, song, lost boy, what doesn't kill us, metalcore, remix, theserpentthecharmer, music, danielreames, melodic hardcore, metal, death, thelastdomino

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