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Grandfather and his Grandson (LP #8)

By MattConley

I'm really fascinated with past vs. present, and when I saw Anita's latest "Lens Project" challenge (which was quite an abstract one considering time travel was the subject matter) I felt inspired to kind of recreate an old photo of my grandfather, Charles Call. I never got to meet him, as he passed away a long time before I was ever born. 


The photo on the left is him in his 20's I believe. There I am, 34 years of age, on the right. His photo was taken at home, so I took mine at home as well.


To me, there's something about revisiting moments from the past and bringing present day perspective to them. Ya know, kinda like time travel.

Grandfather and his Grandson (LP #8)

Created: May 31, 2015

Tags: mattconley, historical, family, lens project, horizontal, black and white, photograph, portrait

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