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A Charm of Finches (#32)

By LexiScherr

A 3x4 song!  Enjoy!

Stems in remix file.

COVER ART: A Mysterious Finch by La petite fille


Hold me close

In this world

Where monsters hide

And everything's cold.   (Meistheely)


What could've been

was long ago

like cassettes, belting

precious, dusty songs  (FiddlySticks)


 Must you leave?

I'd just begun

to hear music

In your heartbeat.   (Jennsw)


The world sings 

softly to me

as I slip

into my dreams   (HigherThanLow)


In my dreams

I see you

And your face

Haunting me again   (Verocity)


A Charm of Finches (#32)

Created: May 30, 2015

Tags: song, stems, isolated audio, sad, lullaby, soft, slow, mellow, raw, dramatic, vocals, piano, spaceship, evolv, christine_blu, higherthanlow, jennsw, verocity, meistheely, wirrow, fiddlysticks, poetry, 3x4 poem, 3x4 song, 3x4 poetry, a group of finches is called a charm, lexischerr, lexi scherr, female vocals, vox, female vox, harmony, melody, harmonies, melodies, melancholy, remix, tune, audio, pop, ballad, slow tempo, stem, protools

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