"Flakes," a tiny story painting.

By Enamorata

In love, we fall together too fast and melt away too quickly.
A watercolour based off of wirrow's tiny story, "Flakes," as follows:

"once there was a snow who fell next to a dust.
they were in love for a tiny while, but then dust was lonely
for a very long time.

the end"

I really enjoy the tiny stories collaboration; I think it's the perfect opportunity for artists/new members to contribute in a small way.
I'm looking to do more paintings like this for tiny stories.. maybe even work on this one a little more. We'll see how it goes. maybe i'll even figure out how to scan things proper.
Thank you for looking, and to wirrow for the lovely story.


Created: Aug 25, 2010

Tags: flakes, tiny stories

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