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Sleep Tight (PA 32)

By NeenaB18

I'd really love to hear more voices on this!




How did you know I was daydreaming? Can you see everything?

You know me so well You can see everything And I can't hide A spec of ill emotion from you

You are a Titan Give into yourself If you ever need someone No need to be frightened I am here to help

Are you afraid It's only a nightmare Vividly in your dreams

Monsters live behind your eyelids It's not real so don't be frightened

It's ok

Sleep time Go to bed Time to rest Lay your head Down on this pillow And sleep….

Sleep Tight (PA 32)

Created: May 27, 2015

Tags: alluring, weekly play along, dreams, play along 32, neenab18, play along, imogen heap, sleep, evolv, neenab, sleep tight

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