Personette; lips cherried to the max.

By jenyffer.maria

Close up

"Her headfront was polypainted with fauxface; lips cherried to the max, see-globe hairs enplussed to twin the limbs of arachnomonsters."

Quick note: The camera I usually use to share my stuff with the internet is missing its battery charger. I have a scanner now though but of course it's a generic size. Part of this (and the last Personette piece) has been cut off. I scanned it numerous of times trying to get her all in. Some sacrifices were made but easily reproduced by others if you decide to remix.

That's why we're here after all, to add/finish to others work. :)

Personette; lips cherried to the max.

Created: Dec 15, 2009

Tags: personette, jenyffer.maria, doodle, metaphorest, morgan m. morgansen, destiny

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