Familiar Feeling (Tiny Story)

By venns

taken in that one hour at the beach that day i shot the monolith picture.

tech notes:
year: 2010
location: miedzyzdroje, poland

the monolith (tiny story): http://hitrecord.org/records/179085
NIKE: http://hitrecord.org/records/179101

Familiar Feeling (Tiny Story)

Created: Aug 25, 2010

Tags: stormy weather, safety belt, 2010, water, viktor, life tire, baltic sea, tiny story, familiar feeling, sky, storm, wind, father, life belt, swimming, picture, donut, image, bathing, poland, miedzyzdroje, photograph, daughter, photo, viktor enns, tiny stories, waves, clouds, drama, venns, enns, family, beach, dramatic

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