The Monolith (Tiny Story)

By venns

imagine a literary form of this tiny story please. and post it here.

tech notes:
year: 2010
location: miedzyzdroje, poland

this picture has quite an evolution behind it. it started with a single seagull feather stuck in the sand which i documented to excess. then i came upon the big piece of alga and shot it for about 10 min with different patterns in the sand. forming new backgrounds and settings for it. i shot it upright, laying flat, turned top to bottom, bottom to top, left, right, left. while digging the background i found the smaller pieces of alga and most importantly this tiny piece of driftwood. at first i was completely mesmerized with only the little stick. it took me another 10 min of creeping about those 5inches of sand and a few stupified glances of my heavy set neighbors. i was alone there mind you.

after exhausting all i could think of and all my TTC lectures on philosophy of mind sparked in mine. i tilted my head like a dog would watching someone brushing their teeth. i do that from time to time to remind me of a different perspective. and BAM! there it was! i shifted down even more now in a full on sniping pose my crosshairs seemingly at one of the stranded whales surrounding me. while prone and moving only in millimeter increments i composed this scene in camera. by that i mean i was holding the camera to my eye with one hand while setting up the "pieces" with the other. all the while i had to use the now silly seeming feather to brush the sand and blow it flat.

in retrospect i am a bit disappointed i did not use my tripod which was next to me already set up from the shot i took of the see before. i was too excited about those little dry brown pieces of crap to think about tech.

i was there for more than an hour but came up with a range of different shots that were as dramatic as they were different. links to the other shots will follow as i post them.


The Monolith (Tiny Story)

Created: Aug 24, 2010

Tags: stick, venns, mystical, otherworldly, god, photo, alga, religion, miedzyzdroje, tiny story, worshipping, photograph, viktor enns, tiny stories, dry, black and white, driftwood, picture, mystic, monolith, viktor, image, 2010, poland, baltic sea, worship, ethereal, sand, enns

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