Come follow me

By Milly

wonderfully strange and meanigful words...

Oh curious minds, scamander with me, diagnose the wonders we conceive, when approaching your quatervois, pay no mind to the jobbernowls their ishkabibbles and their scowls the snollgosters will only bring you down,they gaze with wanting at your self made crown, they will stay viduous zoilists long after we have gone, turn your cheek to these musophobist, they do not wish to hear what I have to say..let go of your accismus and insecurities,act on acrasia, let go of the thoughts that these dreams are silly... no need to be agliff...Travel away with me to a land, of anabiosis, far from the boeotian, discerp your preconceived notions of your world, deliciate in eadness, entermete in this epagomenic, expergefaction from this fuliginus world you have let yourself adapt to,tripundant child,Halch this ostrobogulous, you wear it well...

Come follow me

Created: Dec 14, 2009


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