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timsterner's reRECs [May 10th 2015]

By timsterner

”Post Apocalyptic Oregon – Oregon Coast Aquarium” by JasonAngelone 
I want to watch this film. Or play this video game. Whatever works for me. As long as I’m being provided with an opportunity to travel further into this postapocalyptic landscape. I love JasonAngelone’s series as a whole, but this piece is the one that’s haunted me the most. The stunning work with light and the creepy atmosphere in general is amazing.

“TLP#5: Fire in the Sky” by ArtKat13 
I like art that challenges me. And this clever photo by ArtKat13 is a perfect example. It makes you stop and think: “are the subjects facing the camera or do they have their backs to it?” Very simple, yet very smart and inspirational. I’m still pondering.

“waves.” by MollyBlue 
I just love this pattern. So many layers of awesome. I see so much potential here. May it be forever remixed!

“Negative Space” by moonchild_xo 
Welcome to Silent Hill. This photo is like a still from a horror movie. It makes me think about Stephen King’s The Mist. I think Frank Darabont would love it too. It has that genuine post apocalyptic feel to it. And since I love that kind of stuff, I love this. Great piece!

“you asked me for space” by sojushots 
How can I not give this a reREC? It’s such a beautiful and heartwarming illustration. The title adds even more emotion to it. It’s so sweet! She asks him for space, and he literally hands her Space. It would make a beautiful tiny film. Hope to see the characters come to life.

timsterner's reRECs [May 10th 2015]

Created: May 10, 2015

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