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Thinking about the amazing things I have discovered on HitRECord :]

The day job
the 9-5 station
the steady check
the 8 hour place
but, no,we're not defined
by this span of time
We leave with so many thoughts in our minds
and those thoughts we think
flow out as ink
through the pen in our fists
ideas we never knew to exist
We paint our visions
We sing our poetry
of love,pain,truth,make believe
We write our stories
and recite out loud
There's no much inside of us all
We need to get out!
We are inspired by others
We are connected through art
though we are cities, states, countries apart
So please believe..
We are not our jobs, our clothes, our titles
We are SO much more
We will continue to inspire and be inspired

Created: Dec 14, 2009


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