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Swedish Idioms In English [Make No Fucking Sense]

By timsterner

In reference to the international collab, SRM posted a hilarious list of Dutch sayings/idioms translated into English. I absolutely loved the idea, and decided to make a list of Swedish idioms translated to English. Most don't even make sense before translation, so after... Yeah, you'll see for yourself. 


The morning has gold in its mouth 
Meaning: Getting up early is good for you

You’ve taken a shit in the blue cupboard
Meaning: You’ve messed up

Bang on the beetroot
Meaning: To be very straightforward

No danger on the roof
Meaning: No worries

You slid in on a shrimp sandwich
Meaning: You’re a freeloader or got lucky

I have clean flour in the bag
Meaning: I’m honest and have nothing to hide

You’ve got skin on the nose
Meaning: You’re tough

The thumb in the middle of the hand
Meaning: Impractical, bad with your hands

Happy in the hat

Meaning: Drunk

Good day axe-handle
Meaning: To give a nonsense response

The cream on the mashed potatoes
Meaning: The icing on top

Gods’ Twilight!
Meaning: An expression of shock

To sense owls in the moss
Meaning: To be suspicious

You have the head on shaft
Meaning: You’re very smart

Now, there’ll be other buns
Meaning: Something bigger/badder is coming next

Go to where the pepper grows
Meaning: Go to hell

The ball is round
Meaning: Anything can happen

That old man isn’t walking
Meaning: Don’t even try to fool me

The lights are on, but no one’s home
Meaning: You’re dumb

Pull me backwards
Meaning: An expression of shock

Fire for the crows
Meaning: To waste something, especially heat

It fell between the chairs
Meaning: Multiple people’s disregard of an issue

Full reel
Meaning: To be busy

To get your fishes warm
Meaning: To take a physical or verbal beating

Old like the street
Meaning: Very old and out of style

There are trolls walking
Meaning: To foresee a problem or disturbance

Make a cow-turn
Meaning: To completely change your mind

A bear favor
Meaning: When good intentions backfire

A well-greased mouth leather
Meaning: To be good with words

You have it in a little box
Meaning: You have control

Cross in the ceiling
Meaning: An expression of shock

Put the legs on the back
Meaning: Run like hell

That was words and no ballads
Meaning: Reaction to being told off 

Feeling like a sparrow in a crane dance
Meaning: Feeling insignificant

Stop playing Allan
Meaning: Stop being a douchebag

Standing with washed neck
Meaning: To have put yourself in a difficult situation

Swedish Idioms In English [Make No Fucking Sense]

Created: May 01, 2015

Tags: language barrier, idioms, nonsense, hilarious, no sense, idiom, language, bizarre, absurd, swedish, expressions, international, list, strange, weird

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