A Brief Dialogue Regarding Bagels

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Re-inspired by KamPAIGN's cartoon based on the original conversation.

A: So your house is at the center of a multidimensional focus point of great supernatural power. Big deal.

B: Yeah. Yeah, it IS a big deal. I don't know why you're taking this so lightly.

A: You're overreacting.

B: I just got TELEPORTED out of my shower and into the kitchen. I watched myself make a pizza bagel TWO hours ago!

A: How is this a bad thing? It's like having instant replay for your entire life!

B: Oh, yeah - a chance to relive every mistake, every embarassing moment ever had in this house because my nutjob friend keeps finding wormholes in my linen closet. AWESOME.

A: At least you don't have to pay for TiVo anymore.

B: Hilarious. I'm going to go for a drive.

A: Hey, come on! Let's stay here tonight. We can order wings or something.

B: Yeah, no thanks. I just ate the same bagel nineteen times in a row.

A: How is that even possible?

B: I don't know, you're the expert. I feel a bout of quantum indigestion coming on.

Created: Dec 13, 2009

Tags: a short conversation about doors, comedy, time travel, a short cartoon about doors

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