Fair weather friends

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Oh fair weather friends
how appealing my company is
when I have something to offer
How fast they all come running
for when there is something to gain
oh, fair weather fiends
How many calls and visits
when it is in their benefit
How much advice you will take
how much hospitality you will drink
along with all my wine
eat my fruit
enjoy my company
talk and talk and talk
oh, fair weather friends
How quickly it is time to go
when your mouth is asked to stop
and your ears are asked to open
when your shoulder is the one
that the tears would dampen
when I'm hungry
when my bottles of wine
are empty and hollow
when I am not wearing a smile
and singing jokes and laughter
oh...fair weather friends
how quickly they disappear
how systematically
they are tied up and occupied
oh, fair weather friends
I see your true colors
so, this is the time
when I find I am alone
And I am thankful
I am who I am
the advice giving, joke telling
smiling, singing, host
despite my fair weather guests

Created: Dec 13, 2009


Milly Document Media