Excerpt from a script Pt. 3

By Thenakedsociety

This is a bit of dialogue/action from a full length feature that I wrote a while back. Its a thriller that I got the idea for while walking in the woods with some friends. I would like to get this made into a film one of these days. This is a fight between the main character and one of her classmates. 







Kelly is seen running through the woods away from the truck. The full moon illuminates the trees lighting her surroundings. Kelly stops for a moment to catch her breath.



"This girl is fucking nuts. Why is this happening to me?"



Kelly back against a tree slumps down puts her head on her knees.



God if you get me out of this alive I promise to not do anything that would defile my body.

Please, are you listening? I’m sorry.


Kelly starts sobbing slightly. Amanda finds Kelly and hears her pleas for help.



Your prayers are to late. He has forsaken you.

Your sin speaks, and it screams for you to be punished.


Amanda slices through the air towards Kelly. Kelly rolls out of the way as Amanda’s sword strikes the tree. Kelly finds a branch and hits Amanda in the back as she tries to free her stuck sword. Amanda falls to her knees and grabs her back. Amanda sits facing Kelly.



You cant kill me. I prayed to him for forgiveness.



I already told you its too late. This has to be done.


Kelly runs at Amanda branch held above her head. Amanda kicks her in the stomach. Kelly drops the branch and falls clenching her stomach. Amanda gets up and kicks Kelly again in the stomach. Then she kicks her in the face.


Amanda goes back to retrieve her sword. Kelly rushes Amanda and tackles her. The two wrestle with each other. Kelly on top of Amanda punches her. She misses and hits the ground.


Amanda rolls on top of Kelly and punches her in the face repeatedly. She gets up to retrieve her sword. Kelly coughing up blood watches Amanda walk towards the tree.



Don’t. I wont tell anyone.


Amanda dislodges her sword from the tree and walks back over to Kelly.



Of course you wont. You being dead ensures that.


Amanda raises the sword and drives it into Kelly’s neck. Kelly’s body starts to spas due to the blow. Amanda removes the blade from Kelly’s neck. She wipes the blood on Kelly’s jeans. Amanda makes her way back to the camp.

Excerpt from a script Pt. 3

Created: Mar 25, 2015

Tags: movie, feature film, feature film script, feature length screenplay, killer, script, thriller, fiction

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