Dreaming Out Loud

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Victoria is listening to Belle And Sebastian with her eyes closed. She’s in a window seat, on a plain to France. She takes a deep breath and looks to her right. There’s a little 5 years old girl with red hair staring at her. She looks at her hair, and compares it to Victoria’s.

-I like your hair.
-Thanks – says Victoria, smiling.

The little girl takes a sketchbook out of her bag and a pencil case. She puts the sketchbook between herself and Victoria.

-You wanna doodle with me?
-Well, um… I… I’m not so good at it.
-Please? I want you to doodle with me.

Victoria smiles and takes out a pen without looking at the color. It’s a green one. Green used to be her favorite color when she was a kid. She takes off one of her headphones and puts it in the little girl’s ear. They doodle, quietly, listening to music. Their hearts bump at the same rhythm, like if they knew each other for a very long time. Victoria drew the house where she lived in when she was a kid. With the woods and the sun and the dog. The little girl drew a woman with black hair, holding a camera, in front of a river. They both smile and stare into each other’s eyes. They both have blue eyes.

-My name is Victoria, by the way - says the little girl.

Created: Dec 10, 2009


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