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chasing sunsets. [challenge]

By scarletoak

schokiletta challenged: "Good morning, Erikah! I hereby challenge you to take a series of five photos that show what's the most beautiful thing about your life :)"


In a moment of honesty, there isn't much to my life that I find beautiful right now. I've felt very very stuck the past year in a job I don't enjoy, in a city I can't stand, but the saving grace of it all is that the weather is some of the most perfect I've ever experienced. From frequent foggy mornings to delicate evening skies, I've come to find some happiness in running out the door with my camera in hand and documenting these small fleeting moments.


chasing sunsets. [challenge]

Created: Mar 20, 2015

Tags: field, series, happiness, sunset, texas, sky, scarletoak, beautiful, evening, love, dusk, challenge, weather

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