Ello, youngster. (My 12 year old jammie)

By MetristAdrift

Greetings kid.
It's me, you from the future. The new millennium. How crazy is that?
Let me preface this by saying everything turns out all right. You'll have a truckload of regrets but twice as many lessons to lean back on and carry you through whatever comes your way. We don't worry about anything anymore. No bullshit. Can you believe that?!

OK, so you've tried a few drugs by you're time. You like a couple, too. They'll be more coming in the next year or so. I'm not asking you not to do them, but don't go too hard. I can't remember a damn thing anymore, from then or now. And it is not fun.
Go hang out with Tommy a bit. You guys just got wasted for his birthday not too long ago and you haven't seen him since. Look for him. He'll catch a game-over soon and you'll regret not trying to lend him an ear before then.

That cleaning job downtown is going to pay off. They only have you cleaning entrance/stairway windows right now, but with time they'll move you up. You'll have your own place in just 4 years. Which will be a relief, because the old lady looses it even further. By next year, or maybe the year after, she'll be calling the cops on you all the time. That, and kicked out every other week. Try to minimize your interactions with her. Too many nights you'll be woken up and dragged out on some made up complaint of hers.

That brings me to another thing. When you go, don't forget about the kid. You're all she has, and when you leave, she has a messed up time for a while. Keep an eye on her.

I haven't got many "don't do this!" type warnings for you. Mainly because everything you've done has led to me and --to be honest-- we're pretty damn okay right now. Broke as shit and deep in debt, but we've figured a lot of things out. Alot. Introspection is the key term, buddy. Learn it. Study it.

That also reminds me. Keep up your reading of those textbooks you get from Midge. You do drop out of High School. Who would have thought the old lady would call it so well? But it's okay, because you're teaching in my time. Don't worry about how. You figure that part out.
That's all for now, kid. I'm off to ride my floating skateboard.

No. I'm lying. Back to the Future was way wrong about that one.

Take it easy.

Ello, youngster.  (My 12 year old jammie)

Created: Dec 09, 2009


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