Suicidal Love

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Ow. Ow. I cry in pain,

I lay on my side not wanting to die in vain.

You pushed me. You hurt me.

Furthermore you broke me.

I thought we would always be together,

but there you stood holding her like a feather.


Stop. Stop. I scream within.

I look away as you lean in.

You hugged me. You kissed me.

Furthermore you told me you loved me.

I thought we would never separate,

but instead you let me disintegrate.


Drip. Drip. Tears rolled down my cheek.

I tried to stop them but I was too weak.

You see me. You run to me.

Furthermore you try to comfort me.

By now you are at my side pleading,

But I push you away, my heart beating.


Thump. Thump. I get up and run away.

I feel as though I have run for a whole day.

You used to heal me. You used to care about me.

Furthermore you were always there for me.

I never want to ever see you again,

but write my note carefully with a pen.


Clink. Clink. I tighten the chain around my neck.

I give my note one last check.

I want to stop. I really do.

Furthermore I want you.

I am ready now to say goodbye,

I step off the stool, hanging myself, about to die.


Why. Why. I hear my mother call.

She is here with me after the fall.

I hope you miss me. I hope you feel bad for me.

Furthermore I hope you regret leaving me.

There is a flash of light, and then the room goes black,

but I whisper your name as my eyes roll back.

Created: Mar 08, 2015

Tags: heartbreak, poem, suicide, love, poetry

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